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Part II of Android Phone Security and Privacy Mode

For Android devices, there are two main VPN protocols available via idcloak's Android VPN client software: Android PPTP and OpenVPN. The VPN protocol is essentially the communication and encryption language used to handle your proxy connections. The security level of the VPN service is largely determined by the protocol you choose. The advantage of using idcloak Android VPN client is simplified VPN configuration, easy VPN proxy selection and random proxy switching for increase anonymity.

Android OpenVPN

When using Android OpenVPN for your device, you take on an excellent balance between security and versatility. In the past, you would have to root your phone, but this is no longer necessary. OpenVPN with a minimum 128bit encryption is, to date, uncrackable; while versatility follows the fact OpenVPN may use the same ports as HTTPS (by default with idcloak's VPN), so you will face no issues bypassing firewalls, and censors cannot shut down your VPN use. Idcloak's Android OpenVPN client software, available with an idcloak Android OpenVPN subscription, gives you complete control over your connections, while running silently and automatically behind the scenes, so you can forget about all the more tedious tasks associated with OpenVPN setup, proxy selection and switching.

Android PPTP

Idcloak's Android VPN proxy selection and switching also works on PPTP. As a protocol, PPTP is fast and in most cases secure – though anyone expecting targeted identity data attacks should lean towards OpenVPN instead. The use of custom Android PPTP client software means no manual resetting is required if you want to reconfigure your device to connect to a different proxy. One downside of PPTP, is that it can sometimes be blocked by government censors, and some users occasionally experience problems accessing the VPN server through local firewalls.

You need not choose the VPN protocol before you subscribe, however. idcloak VPN subscription gives you access to both protocols with one subscription – so you may switch between them as you wish. One subscription also allows you access across multiple devices – so you may protect your home computer, iPad, laptop and android phone all under one account, just as long as you only connect one device at a time.

Written by: 
Robin Welles; expats team, internet security team