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Anonymous Web VPN For Privacy On The Web, Not Just Your Computer


Part III of In private Browsing – What Internet Explorer Private Browsing Hides & What It Does Not

If you wish to not only safeguard your surfing privacy locally on your computer, but also through the internet more widely, your browser can't help you much. Your problem lies with the infrastructure of the web itself.

What you need is a web VPN...
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Once subscribed to a web VPN service, all your internet devices can be easily and automatically routed through a remote VPN server which acts as a privacy buffer for all your internet access (and not just your browser – any of your internet applications). All records of your activity on the sites and services you use will bear the VPN server's IP address, and your true identity will never be presented unless you choose to manually give it – by logging in to a site, for example. As well as allowing you to change computer IP address, a VPN offers full encryption of all your internet activity. The high level of security on your connection to VPN servers makes it practically impossible for anyone monitoring your WiFi, your office network, or ISP traffic to see which sites you are visiting or what content you are requesting or sending. Essentially, a web VPN stands apart from other privacy tools because it makes you private where you most need to be – not on your computer, but on the net as a whole.

As the importance of online user privacy grows, more and more people are turning to anonymous VPN subscriptions for full control over their digital footprint while surfing – VPNs are the only way to carry out private browsing in the fullest sense.

A word of advice – if you do decide to protect your privacy with a web VPN, make sure you choose a reputable provider of a high-performance VPN so that your browsing speed is not slowed and your privacy is in safe hands. My advice is to shop around before you invest. Or, you can just save yourself the trouble and use idcloak's VPN – it is probably the very service you will end up going to after shopping around anyway.

Written by: 
Robin Welles; internet security team, expats team