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Best Proxy Server: For Better Privacy, Freedom and Security


Better privacy can be challenging. It can be a little daunting when, as a new proxy user, you have to choose from all the proxies that come up from the search terms best proxy server. Even after some considerable time experimenting with the free online proxies you find, you are faced with the frustrating fact that a particular proxy service performs one task wonderfully but is abysmal when it comes to the next. There are so many uses for a proxy, against so many variants and settings for the technology that you can only really use the phrase best anonymous proxy to talk about one particular task: be it the most reliable proxy sites for school internet unblocking, free web protection from WiFi sniffers, sending an anonymous email or a means of how to browse anonymously for better privacy.

Before we take a look at which is the most reliable proxy server for each of these different proxy uses (and more), let's take a quick look at the most popular types of anonymous proxy around, both free and paid.

Transparent HTTP Proxies

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These are the most rudimentary of free proxies, but also the fastest. Your requests are not anonymized when transferred through the proxy, which means destination sites both are able to see that you are using a proxy and view your original IP address. Nevertheless, a transparent proxy is still very useful for breaking out of simple IP or DNS-based censorship. Like all HTTP proxies, transparent proxies can only carry browser-based internet activity and can be found mounted on proxy sites or accessed through proxies from any free IP proxy lists.

Anonymous HTTP Proxies

The standard for anonymous browsing, and until recently by far the most popular type of free proxy, the anonymous HTTP proxy will conceal your IP address from all sites you visit. But, unless the proxy developers are careful in putting their proxy together, the destination site will often be able to see you have come in through an unblocker, even if they can't see your original IP address. Again, these proxies only work with browser internet access.

High Anonymity HTTP Proxies

These come with several names: high-anonymity, highly anonymous and elite proxies being the most common. They are the best of free HTTP proxies when you can find them, but often the providers demand payment to access them. Anonymity is high because destination sites cannot discern your proxy use – your headers are modified so that it appears you are based where the proxy server is located. Drawbacks include the fact this form of proxy is still restricted to browser activity and so does not anonymize other internet applications. Also, those that are free to use sadly become slowed by the high number of users accessing them at any one time.

HTTPS Proxies

HTTPS proxies may operate on a transparent, anonymous or highly-anonymous proxy server, but with the addition of communicating all content over an encrypted connection to your browser. Once your connection is encrypted, all content is highly protected while traveling between your computer and the proxy – making it a good choice for bypassing internet blocks, but also for providing better privacy and security. SSL proxies, as they are also known, have become very common lately– and nearly all IP:Port proxies are of this type. They are often, however, slower than other proxies because the encryption process requires additional processing of the server.

SSH Tunnel Proxy

An SSH Socks proxy can either be set up manually (if a user is skilled enough to know how to do so), or configured by means of purchasable SOCKS proxy software. It is not restricted to browser use, but its major drawback is that it requires special configuration to work with each internet application individually on your computer; even your browser. Generally, if a user runs SOCKS proxies through their own manual configuration, there are enough free SOCKS proxy lists online to be able to establish and maintain SSH tunnels for free. For most users, though, an SSH tunnel is only an option when they pay for a subscription to a SOCKS proxy service and its associate software. These services are marketed as high-technology anonymizers but the reality is SSH tunneling is relatively crude and outdated when compared to VPNtunnel proxies.

VPNtunnel Proxy

A VPNtunnel proxy is widely accepted to be the most reliable proxy server technology available in practically all situations. It is a complete proxy solution – fulfilling all anonymizing and unblocking roles with high security and speed. As it works on the network level (not application like all other proxies), a VPNtunnel automatically serves all internet-accessing applications on your device. Paid subscription to one of the top VPNtunnel providers additionally gives the user access to custom client software. The best client software offers quick access to a variety of service options across multiple platforms and protocols. All this makes the VPNtunnel experience one of ease, flexibility and dependability. See how and why to use proxy web browser.

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Written by: 
Robin Welles; internet security team, expats team