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How to Unblock on Facebook Using the IP Address of Facebook in Low-Grade Censorship Situations

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Quick answer: Where can I get Facebook IPs? Click here for an IP lookup tool: How to unblock on Facebook using the IP of Facebook? When facing blocked Facebook access on your connection and when an unblock websites proxy is not an option, you may be able to bypass the block simply by entering the IP address of Facebook into your browser (instead of the URL). This is known as Facebook IP address login.

What this Article will Give You:

  • Two means of how to find an IP of Facebook in your location.
  • Two means of how to unlock Facebook with an IP for Facebook when content filters on your connection prohibit access to the site.

Important: these methods will only work when the content filter governing your connection employs simple DNS censorship methods. This means you will likely have much more success applying them in your workplace than you will to get around the Facebook block China has in place, for example.To bypass high-grade censorship, such as that in China or Iran, you should read: How to unblock facebook - the dedicated IP VPN solution.

What this Article will NOT Give You:

  • A means of how to bypass high-grade censorship, such as that surrounding China or Iran, for example. If you need to negotiate state internet censorship, you should read: How to unblock facebook - the dedicated IP VPN solution.
  • This article is not about how to unblock friends on Facebook – for that you should use Facebook's Help tool (in the drag-down menu) and search its Help library with the terms How to unblock friends on Facebook.
  • This article will not teach you how to get around Facebook privacy settings or the blocks that others have imposed on you. Please respect the privacy of others.
  • This article will not conclude with a sales pitch or offer you an unblock Facebook free trial. Indeed any company offering a paid service for unblocking Facebook's site alone is cashing in on your ignorance. There are many free methods for unblocking the social media site – the purpose of this article is to introduce you to two of these. What is more, these means are free no matter how long you use them for and do not represent just a temporary unblock Facebook free trial.

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Written by: 
Robin Welles; expats team, internet security team