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Free Proxy IP - How to Change IP Address in Browser Settings


If you change your connection's IP address, you may access the internet anonymously and bypass firewall filters to unblock websites that are banned in your internet restricting country or network. This will show you how to change IP address.

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But because your IP is more than just a number (it's an address that has been paid for by your ISP and allocated to you for your internet access) you can't just switch it off or fabricate one off the top of your head. You physically need to route your connection to another computer through another address owned by another ISP. This sounds complicated, but so many people want to hide their IP that there are many companies and individuals that offer free public access to their computer (known as a proxy server) so that others can anonymize their connections. Once you route your internet activity through that proxy server, all your browser searches, surfing and web-based email will carry a different IP address location, and with no record of your original IP remaining (as long as you ensure Javascripts and Flash elements are disabled).

There are two main types of proxy services: the proxy site, and the IP proxy. Before we look at the advantages of each proxy platform, you may first be interested in reading about some of the general uses of surfing with a different IP. You can find information about both common and alternative uses of a public proxy server here: Hide my IP address free of charge - IP spoof proxy services.

Proxy Site – How to Change my IP Address with a Traditional Proxy Site

Most firms offering a free proxy IP service operate what is known as a proxy site – an example can be seen on idcloak's homepage. It is a simple URL box with a few optional settings that can be used to adapt your access to the proxy for particular purposes. An upside of using one of the top proxy sites (over IP proxies, as we will go into shortly) is that you have a good deal of control over the type of connection you establish; whether to block cookies or Javascripts, for example. But you also tend to feel safer using a site-based service hosted by a reputable registered business which you can actually see on the internet. Any proxy server, whether site-based or IP-based, is something of a glass gateway you go through. Even when your connection to it is secured, those running the server can clearly view any unencrypted data that passes through their gateway to and from your computer and the destination site. If you have no idea whether a reputable business stands behind your proxy access, this can be quite a blind leap of faith.

Free IP Proxies – How to Change my IP Address through Manual Proxy Connection

The alternative to a proxy site is the IP Port proxy. Some limitations behind using even the top proxy sites have led certain groups of users to favour these more rudimentary public proxy servers . Using an IP port proxy simply involves taking the IP address and port number of the proxy sever (usually from a proxy list), and then manually inputting that information into your browser's network settings. This altogether does away with the need to visit a proxy site for anonymous internet access – since your browser will run all data to the free proxy IP address until you tell it to do otherwise. The trouble is, you have no idea who operates the server, and who is looking through the glass of their gateway at your internet activity. This is just one drawback against many benefits, however.

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Robin Welles; expats team, internet security team