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Free VPN Server – Not A good proxy for video sites


As DVD sales tumble worldwide, TV and film distribution companies are investing heavily in websites that provide high quality, recently-released video content. Revenue is generated by pay-per-view or subscription-based systems that, on the whole, provide films and TV shows for excellent rates. The only problem: you need to live in that country to have access. In times past, you were able to use website proxies to access these sites from abroad, but the media providers were quick to notice the breach and program their video sites to reject anyone found to come in on a proxy. The next so-called solution was to use a free VPN server. In the late 2000s, these free services had a moderate level of success, but more and more problems quickly arose. Here are some of the complaints I uncovered from those using a free VPN server for video sites:

It Doesn't Have Any U.S. Servers

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This was just the user's fault for not checking. Of course, a VPN will only gain you access to American sites if you connect to American proxy servers – and a free VPN with US servers is not easy to come by because of the high American proxy rental costs. The mistake many make in this situation is to just settle for a British version of the video site. But all of the best movie-streaming sites operate out of the US. Even if they run foreign 'versions' of their sites in countries like Canada or the UK, the selection of available media in those countries is far inferior to the US site.

The only solution to this problem is to access the American video sites through a different VPN provider , one that definitely has US servers. You should expect to pay for the privilege, as any free VPN with US servers will be so oversubscribed by other freeloaders that it will take you forever to stream a whole movie. This leads us to the next complaint…

Part II: Slow Download Time and Only One Film at a Time!

Part III: Adverts and Paid VPNs

Written by: 
Robin Welles; expats team, internet security team