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Google Daily Proxies From An Unblock Proxy List: How Do You Unblock a Website at School, Work or Inside a Web Censoring Country?


Part II of Google Proxies: A Daily Proxy Sites List

Google proxies is just the name given to the daily web proxy sites published on Google groups. They are free, open to everyone, and originate from a trustworthy source (

Here's How to Access and Use Them:

1. Click on one of the daily web proxy lists at the top of part 1 of this article. You will find a forum page with a single thread entry for each day.

2. Open today's Google proxy list. If there are none published for the day you are searching, you should try another unblock proxy list – find one that is continuously updated with daily proxy sites. You may search the Google forums with the terms Google proxies or Google proxy list.

3. Once you have found an up-to-date daily web proxy list, click on one of the proxy surfing sites linked there. Which one should you choose? Well, if you face robust content filters, select a link that does not contain words that betray the function of the proxy site, such as: unblock or bypass or proxy. Steer clear of websites with a .info top level domain name as well, since they are often blocked by censors as a matter of course.

4. As long as the chosen Google proxy server is not blocked on your connection, you will then be brought to what looks like a search engine: a web based proxy site. In the space provided, enter the URL of the site you would like to unblock and, assuming the proxy site's server is based outside the censored zone, it will proceed to access the blocked sited for you and display it on your browser as usual. That's it – you're done.

5. For more advanced users, you may select from various options on the proxy's setting page – encrypt URL and encrypt page (SSL) is important for anyone wishing to hide the fact they can unblock restricted sites. With some proxy sites, you may also be given the option to deactivate cookies, Flash elements and Javascript (through Remove scripts) for extra anonymity. With these options disabled, however, many sites will not function.

There are many web proxies online (in fact there is one at the top of this page) but not all of them will work on your connection – even school internet filtering systems are becoming very good at blocking access to proxy sites. But a Google proxy server often succeeds where other proxies fail because, one, it will be new online that day, so not yet discovered by censors; and two, because Google proxy developers are mostly experienced and skilled in their proxy design.

Staying ahead of anti-proxy filtering…

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The Google proxy list isn't the only one of its kind: you will find other publishers of daily proxy site lists. There is even a free proxy list on the idcloak site. idcloak checks the proxies regularly to be sure they are always operational, and keeps the list topped up with new proxies. But there is a reason why the Google proxy group has outstripped other proxy list providers like ourselves: idcloak's anonymous surfing work is widely known, so censors are more likely to close off all access to our proxy list pages (if not to our entire site). Daily Google proxies are effective because each Google Proxy Group is hidden within a forum that has many non-proxy uses. Google proxies are therefore less widely known to censors and less likely to be blocked.

Nonetheless, it would be wise not to get complacent: if your censor gets wind of the Google proxy group you use, they will, of course, shut down all access to its pages. It istherefore recommended that you arrange for your Google daily proxies to be emailed to you. For this, all you need do is Join a Google proxy group, and then request every new Google proxy list to be sent to your Gmail account. Once requested, you will have no problems if your censor suddenly blocks access to the specific Google proxy group – as you will have the unblock proxy list in your Gmail inbox.

Accessing Sites Blocked in China with a Google Proxy Server

At the time of writing, Google is blocked in all provinces in China, as is Google groups and Gmail. The only way you will be able to access Google daily proxies from inside China is to have them remailed from your Gmail account to another email address. You will, of course, have to set up this automatic remailing while on an unrestricted connection.

One other thing to note: country censorship is tougher than local connection filtering. Due to the enormous amount of resources that go into China's Golden Shield, for example, proxy access to sites blocked in China is very short-lived. Often proxies are shut down within just a few hours of going online. For this reason, you may want to consider investing in a dedicated IP VPN service to access sites blocked in China. See our VPN service pages for more information. Please remember, you will need access to an unrestricted connection to set up a VPN connection.

Written by: 
Robin Welles; internet security team, expats team