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How a Facebook Account can be Compromised or Monitored During Login: Profile Spy Facebook, Facebook Malware & Spam


Part IV of Facebook Login & Use Safe From Surveillance, Wifi Packet Sniffer and Malware Facebooks Threats

Profile spy Facebook
The US Freedom of Information Act recently unearthed a government list of words and phrases that are routinely searched for by the Department of Homeland Security in social media profiles. This surveillance is carried out through the creation of a fake Facebook profile in various social circles – it is known by some as a profile spy Facebook. When an offending phrase is discovered, the author of the phrase is placed on a watchlist by the profile spy Facebook and will, from that point forward, be subject to close scrutiny by security agencies. Unfortunately, the list is by no means limited to words like detonate and TNT – one comedian, Dean Obeidallah, commented that you would get into trouble even for saying something as harmless as:

I'm going on vacation to San Diego, hope there'll be no clouds because I want to catch some waves.
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Facebook malware
Infection by malware is of course not just something that happens over evil twin hotspot connections. Your Facebook timeline may carry links to pages designed to infect your machine with malware or spam other users, often sent to you from your friends when their account has been compromised. One recent and very clever attack was spread through a Facebook notification saying that you have been tagged in a new picture, upon which you are asked to download the picture as an attachment. If done on a Windows computer, the hacker will then be able to take control of your machine. It's not just on Facebook you should be careful: recently found Skype malware hides itself as a message: Lol, is this your new pic? If you download the file, you are infected with a Dorkbot worm which acts as ransomware click fraud, and it targets your Facebook and other accounts for credential theft. Nasty little thing, really.

Facebook timelines don't just contain malware, but spam too. You have probably seen a picture of a girl's tight denim-clad rear with the exclamation – [SHOCK] At 17, she did THIS in public high school, EVERY day! Outrageous? Is it normal to let her do that? In PUBLIC and such! If you click on the linked video, it automatically pastes itself to your wall and registers a Like, which generates revenue for the publishers.

Now learn How to Stay Safe While Using Facebook.

Written by: 
Robin Welles; expats team, internet security team