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How to Change IP Address and Stay Safe


Where is my IP Address Displayed?

You can easily use idcloak's homepage to show IP address from your device. A free IP address checker is displayed on the page which tells you what IP address you carry with you into the internet. It is important you know how to change IP address to keep your identity secure and prevent unwanted internet surveillance and IP tracking.

Where is my IP Address Visible to Others Exactly?

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Your IP address is embedded in every packet of data transmitted over the internet by your computer or mobile device. You cannot conceal it because your IP is the location to which all data you request from a website IP address is sent – if you conceal your IP address, you'll receive no data in response to your requests.

Your IP can be viewed during transit or recorded historically by any number of third-parties: including the destination website, your ISP, government surveillance monitors, advertising agencies or hackers. It also lives on as an indefinite record in the header of all email correspondence and IMs you send. What few people realise is that unless you are hiding behind proxy, anyone who corresponds with you via email, VoIP or IM can easily obtain your IP address.

Part II: Where Your IP Address Comes From and What it Reveals about You

Written by: 
Robin Welles; expats team, internet security team