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How To Change IP Address On Windows 7, Option 1: Personal VPN Connection


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Although far more than a simple IP hider download, the personal internet VPN (especially OpenVPN with custom client software) is considered the elite of changing IP address Windows 7 services. For a modest monthly subscription a user can setup a VPN to manage his anonymous internet surfing with dependable speed and security. The custom client software that comes with the subscription (if you choose your VPN provider carefully) will automatically route the user to whichever country he/she wants, and through the most open internet highway to get there. Its versatility and usability make the custom VPN client the most reliable proxy software available.

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Once connected to an internet VPN server, all internet programs are automatically carried to the proxy server and your IP is changed no matter what protocol is transmitted to the VPN proxy server. The best VPN software, like idcloak's VPN, roams through IP addresses in different countries, making it almost impossible for anyone to track you online, as your IP address is constantly changing.

The VPN solution for changing IP address Windows 7 is as simple and robust a means of anonymous internet surfing as anyone could ask for. Most anonymous surfers, after some time using hide IP for free services, find themselves subscribing to a VPN to protect all their internet-accessing devices.

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Robin Welles; internet security team, expats team