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How to Watch Blocked YouTube Videos when This Video is not Available in your Country – The US Proxy Server Free


Part III of How to Watch Blocked Youtube Videos : VPN Restriction Checker

In other articles, we have looked at how to proxy your IP address to fool YouTube's filters. When you access YouTube through unblock proxy websites, the site believes you are based in the country where the proxy's servers are situated. Then, you just need to hope that this country is one of those in which the clip is available to watch. And, of course, there are other issues as well…

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Using free proxies for YouTube access is far from an ideal solution – first, free unblock proxy websites are nearly always very slow, which makes video streaming an exercise in patience. This is often especially true of US proxy servers – as they are generally the most popular and, therefore, the most congested. As soon as a user finds themselves asking, Why isnt YouTube working with this video? they Google US proxy server free (because the US holds license rights for most popular media) and are surprised when they find themselves competing for bandwidth with hoards of other unblockers. Before you know it, all the best known free proxies for YouTube are operating at a snail's pace.

If only problems ended there; many unblock proxy websites are simply not compatible with YouTube – astonishingly, some fail to parse the site even when they advertise as being specifically proxies for YouTube access. And if that weren't enough – your viewing experience is hampered by a non-stop slew of flashing adverts (a US proxy server free is not actually free – you pay for the service by putting up with their ads).

Luckily, the free proxy for YouTube is not the only way to unblock YouTube in your country.

Part IV: How to Watch Blocked YouTube Videos When this Video is not Available in your Country – The VPN + YouTube Region Restriction Checker

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Robin Welles; expats team, internet security team