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IP Hider Services and Non-PC Platforms


Part II of How to change IP Address MAC, Windows, Linux, Android or iOS

IP hiding software doesn't hide your IP from inside your machine: it simply sets up the connection between your device and the remote web proxy server. When you hear of Android proxy software, a VPN client or a Mac proxy program – that's all it usually is, IP hiding software that simply connects your device to the anonymizing web proxy. Custom free VPN software is the exception – as it offers many useful features like automatically changing proxies every 10 minutes to enhance your IP anonymity. These features are made possible by leveraging a tightly coupled client software and proxy infrastructure. Changing IP address is as simple as clicking on the corresponding proxy symbol located on a map in the software (visit idcloak's VPN client software page to learn more).

How to Change IP Address Mac and Other Non-PC Platforms?

It is a common misconception that IP changing services are platform-specific. Although it is true that Android proxy software will only work on Android devices and a Mac proxy download will only work on Macs, most good providers of IP address hiding software (whether HTTPS or VPN proxies) serve all platforms in some way or another. An even simpler cross-platform option is to connect to a proxy site through your browser – as we'll go into shortly – and, of course, doing so is an option on any platform.

So, no matter what your platform, whether it's a hide IP address Mac service you are after, or even a change IP address Linux service, the below will serve your purposes.

How to Change IP Address Without Spending Money?

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Before you shy away, fear not… there are a variety of free web browser proxy options which allow IP changing at no cost. For some anonymity purposes it is advisable to invest, but in nearly all cases one doesn't need to part with a penny to find a means of how to change IP address. Some providers even offer an IP hider download for free, though for free services it is generally safer to avoid free IP address hiding software, as it can easily double up as adware or even as spyware from disreputable proxy providers. Remember what I said regarding the growing relationship between the internet and privacy issues?… well, software downloads are one of the many culprits of this internet-based privacy invasion.

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Robin Welles; internet security team, expats team