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Keepass Chrome (Chromeipass): Best Password Manager Review #2

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As providers of VPN web and computer security systems, we are keen to recommend other solutions for identity theft that support the work our own service does. Password managers are just such a solution - internet safety software designed to ensure computer safety and security for the storage and use of all your login credentials, and credit cards – protecting you from keystroke loggers and other computer security threats. This article is number 2 of a review series looking at the three best password manager services for use with the Google Chrome browser: assessing them for ease of use, and how they stand up as solutions for identity theft. Review #1 is for LastPass Chrome, and #3 for Dashlane. For discussion on why one might want to use a password manager for improved PC computer security, see the opening section in Review #1 for LastPass Chrome.

introducing keepass chrome (chromeipass)

The Keepass password manager has an enduring reputation: dependable internet safety software that, through its secure local storage and delivery of stored data, offers optimum protection against keystroke loggers, phishing attacks and other computer security threats.

Keepass, however, was never developed with close attention to browser integration. Chrome users need to separately download ChromeIPass for use with their browser. This Chrome extension allows KeePass to deliver your credentials automatically to username, password (and other) fields in web pages you visit through Chrome.

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Part IV: Cross-Platform and Device Integration: 2/5

Written by: 
Robin Welles; expats team, internet security team