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Online Proxy Browser – How to Hide my IP Address for Free


How to Hide My IP Address for Free Quick Answer:

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Go to A fast proxy browser is provided for free and with no login or download. Simply enter the destination site name in the space provided and the proxy web browser will bring up the destination pages without revealing your IP address to the site. Select Encrypt URL and Encrypt page for extra security and anonymity. Below is more detailed information on how hiding IP addresses can be of use to you…

An online proxy browser (or proxy web browser) is a free IP masking website which acts as a virtual browser within your browser. This virtual browser does not run from your computer but from a server based in a different location – a web proxy server. When you access a free proxy browser and access the internet through it, you mask your real location and identity: all sites are led to believe you are based where ever the proxy server is located.

There are a number of reasons why hiding IP addresses with a proxy web browser can be useful.

Protection from WiFi Sniffers and Other Network Surveillance

As mentioned, most online proxy browsers now come with an encryption feature: a useful tool for safeguarding your connection to an untrusted network. If you are accessing a public WiFi connection, or connecting to a network whose administrators you do not altogether trust, it is wise to make sure all data transmitted to and from your computer is encrypted when it passes through that network. Failure to protect your connection can easily lead to identity theft and fraud (see: Wireless sniffers: Smartphone & computer network security).

Protection from WiFi Sniffers is very simple to do with a free proxy browser. Simply make sure the SSL option is checked – often a padlock symbol will appear locked to show it is active – and all the sites you access through that virtual browser will then be guarded against any intruder or monitor. This encryption will even ensure protection from WiFi sniffers of the most advanced kind, such as Faceniff, which have the power to break through WPA2 wireless encryption.

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Robin Welles; expats team, internet security team