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Online Security Threats and How to Protect Yourself


Part II of Windows 7 VPN for Internet Network Security: Protection Against Packet Sniffing Programs

Thieves use computer spy ware to search for account log in passwords that they can sell - $20 per hacked Hotmail account was the going price following a recent Hotmail breach. Advertising syndicates pool information on your internet behaviour and then sell these profiles to marketers or political parties so that they may target commercials specifically at you. Search engines build lists of your searches, also to sell for targeted advertising space. Governments freely monitor the internet for security purposes, even listening in on encrypted Skype phone calls. What good are Windows 7's computer security tools when facing these particular internet security threats? You guessed it: none at all.

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Windows 7 VPN can be used to protect against packet sniffing programs like IP sniffer, Windows Packet Sniffer, MSN sniffer, HTTP packet sniffer and Wifi Packet Sniffer. All are web spies designed to record your online activities. Establish a highly secure VPN connection to a remote VPN proxy server, and access the internet from that base. The VPN proxy server will strip all evidence of your original computer's location, furnishing you with a new IP address and, for all intents and purposes, a new internet identity. What this means to your internet network security is that no third party can snoop, sniff or modify any data passing between you and this safe-house VPN server. Your privacy is also protected because a new IP address makes it much harder for data miners to identify you – or even place you by region: if they are harvesting profiles from people in New York, for example, and you appear on the internet in the UK, obviously you will never show up on their lists.

But not every Windows 7 VPN was created equally. You should choose a reputable provider that offers a high-speed, highly-anonymous service. The latest advances in personal VPN technologies have resulted in special VPN client software which, without any user interaction whatever, can alternate between different servers for maximum bandwidth and anonymity. With connection to a Windows 7 VPN service, you can enjoy the protection of your local computer security tools in the knowledge that your internet network security is just as well guarded.

Written by: 
Robin Welles; internet security team, expats team