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This article is for those of you who are completely new to online proxy services. You have perhaps heard of proxy sites, and maybe even know a little about what they can do, but are now keen to learn more about these public proxies before you dash off to bypass content filter iPrism or anonymously organize a revolution in your country. But worry not, you are hardly alone in hearing about proxy websites just recently – Harvard's Berkman Center for Internet & Society reported that only around five million people ever use any kind of censorship circumvention tool. Understand that a proxy website is just one of several of these tools, and China alone has 500 million internet users. So it's clear just how few people in the world have any idea what a proxy site is, let alone how to use these free proxy servers to unblock internet filters and open blocked sites.

proxy+website = what???

A proxy website is a free, public site that invites you to enter the internet through a portal it creates for you. You access proxy sites like any regular website and do not need to do anything special at all to use them. Simply open the site and, in the space provided, enter the web address (URL) of whatever site you would like to visit. Click on the Go button and it will then head off to the site for you, and bring all its content back, displaying it on your browser as usual. On the surface, really there is no difference between visiting a site directly, and doing so via a proxy website. Ok, you may notice a slight slowing if you have an inordinately fast internet connection; or some of the aesthetics of the site you visit might change slightly if the proxy site developer is new to the trade; but beyond that, nothing changes. Then why use one?

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Written by: 
Robin Welles; internet security team, expats team