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Stop Google Tracking While Using Chrome


Part III of Ad Block Plus & Ghostery Chrome Compared

A Note to Chrome Users Wanting to Stop Google Tracking

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People seem to forget that the Google Chrome browser and Google Analytics are… guess what?... owned by the same company. You are therefore taking quite a leap of faith in believing that Ad Block Plus or Ghostery Chrome (not to mention NoScript Chrome) are effective means of how to stop internet tracking. After all – they need a closed-source Google program to even run.
Remember that Google's entire revenue stands on what it knows about its consumers, and an enormous part of that knowledge stands on the corporation's ability to track internet users. It is very likely that for this reason alone Google even created Chrome, and also why it for a long time has paid out of its own pocket the majority of Mozilla Firefox's running costs. If Ghostery Chrome or NoScript Chrome appear to prevent Analytics from working on the Google browser, one should consider the possibility that Google has other means to track users and therefore isn't so worried. In fact, some privacy analysts have provided evidence that the browser transmits its own tracking information to Google and, though not proven, you could be forgiven for believing that's actually what's going on. So… the solution.

How To Stop Tracking Cookies, Scripts, Bugs And IP Tracker Technologies

To answer the question – should I use Ad Block Plus, Ghostery or both? The best answer is actually neither.

If privacy is really important to you, you should do the following: only use Google Chrome for access to Google sites and accounts – use it Incognito Mode and with AdBlock Plus with the Fan Boy's Privacy List along with Ghostery Chrome (or NoScript Chrome if you are an experienced user). But recognize that it's impossible to stop Google tracking when you are logged in to any Google service, so your efforts at privacy in this browser are largely cosmetic where Google is concerned.

Then, for all general browsing you should use IE10 or above – with the FanBoy Tracking Protection List loaded, and Private Browsing permanently activated. (For more information on how to use IE's inbuilt Tracking Protection, read: Adblock Internet Explorer 9/10 (&Ampe; Ven 8): Using built-in Internet Explorer adblock features). Because IE10 does not allow plugins – you will not be identified and tracked by the fingerprint selection of plugins you run. This last point is extremely important and a much overlooked superiority of the new IE over Chrome, Opera or Firefox.

Even with the above done, it is possible you will be identified by your IP address. So, a third measure is as follows. To protect your identity at the IP level, you need go beyond browser addons. An idcloak VPN will give you the power to surf the web anonymously – preventing IP tracker technologies from identifying or tracking you.

Now you are pretty much as private as you can be.
Written by: 
Robin Welles; expats team, internet security team