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Until recently, the only countries where people ever needed to unblock blocked sites were those like China, Syria and Iran. Those of us foreign to such parts would call them internet censorship countries, and we would generally see them as very different to our home nations. After all, didn't the sovereignty of freedom of speech in our country pretty much guarantee freedom of the internet? The only people in our country who needed to know how to unblock websites were kids trying to unblock MySpace login page from school computers. Alas, however, those days are gone. In its quest to protect copyright infringement and apply pressure to Hollywood's piracy-inflicted wounds, the USA with its Protect IP Act is now in line to become no different to China, Syria and Iran where internet censorship is concerned. And it will not only be Americans scrambling for ways to access censored content and unblock blocked sites. Inevitably, the rest of the developed world is bound to follow suit and, before we know it, everyone will be looking for ways to unblock blocked sites…

Best start learning how to do so now.

Part II: How are Sites Blocked in Traditional Internet Censorship Countries?

Part III: Lessons Learned and Applied in New Internet Censorship Countries

Written by: 
Robin Welles; expats team, internet security team