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Facebook's role in global society is getting beyond serious. What was once simply a social networking site has lately evolved into a platform for advertising, promotion and news media; a channel for music and video entertainment; and even a hub for political activism. With a user base approaching 1 billion (1/7 of the world's population), never before has one single medium connected so many people towards so many ends. Precisely because of its popularity, Facebook has also suffered an increasing amount of censorship – in countries, offices, schools, universities and even family homes. However, in true Newtonian fashion, for every force blocking access, there is an equal and opposing force looking to unblock Facebook.

Although to date there have been a number of answers to the oft-asked question, How do I fool system censoring the internet? really there are only two main technologies that are consistently reliable in allowing you to bypass internet restrictions and unblock Facebook login page. The first is by means of a CGI proxy server site (aka online proxy servers, website anonymizers, or proxy website); the second, through an anonymous VPN (Virtual Private Network).

Proxy Servers for Facebook Login

CGI proxies are websites that open up a portal to the internet from a different location. Much like search sites to look at, and equally as free (they too rely on commercials for revenue), these online proxy servers are one of the most effective and popular ways people unblock Facebook login page. They protect your identity by supplanting your real IP address with another they provide; and the better of their kind encrypt traffic between you and their https proxy servers. The effectiveness of CGI proxy server sites as a tool to unblock Facebook depends on who is blocking it, and some situation-specific advice is give below; but there are some general considerations one should bear in mind when using a web based proxy server to unblock Facebook login page in any situation:

Proxy Sites For Facebook – General Considerations

  • Find a Java enabled proxy – Facebook will not work if Java script is disabled. Look for a check box in the proxy site to activate Java script; if it only says Remove scripts, in this case uncheck it. Should your proxy automatically disable Java script and provide no option to enable it, you will just have to find a different proxy site to unblock Facebook login page.
  • Enable cookies – you will also need to find a CGI proxy server site that allows you to enable cookies. Otherwise, after you unblock Facebook and pass through the login page, you will face an error message saying cookies are not enabled on your browser. No further admittance to the site will be allowed.
  • Use trusted web proxies only – information that you put on Facebook is extremely valuable to private companies involved in targeted marketing. Ever wondered the real reason Google and Facebook fell out? It's simple – they have been fighting over our personal data. Web proxies can easily harvest such information with a view to selling it on and, in worse-case scenarios; your data could end up being used against you for identity theft and credit card fraud. Make sure you use a CGI proxy server site that reveals its company information on its site and is generally considered reputable.
  • Use a web based proxy server located nearby – if you are in the UK and you access the internet via free proxy server in Australia, you will notice the connection is extremely slow. Surprise, surprise: a connection to a UK proxy server will be inordinately faster.

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Written by: 
Robin Welles; internet security team, expats team