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Unblock Myspace Login Home Page


There are a good many reasons why you might need to unblock MySpace login page. It could be that your employer has censored the site to keep you from distractions during your working day. If you are a young internet user, your school or university might have restricted access to MySpace to protect you from the evil-doers that the media would have us believe are everywhere on the site. Or, your access to the site might be limited because of your geographical location – since MySpace is modified by country in many parts of the world. And although this modification is designed to be of benefit to you – as it brings up local artists, events and news based on your location – if you are living or travelling abroad and want to access your home country's version of the site, this helping hand can be rather unwanted. In the most extreme cases, your MySpace account might even be geographically closed off from all international MySpace pages; if you are based in China, for example.

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So, when a user searches on how to unblock MySpace login page, what they are actually asking is how to bypass web filters or proxy, how to bypass proxy servers with internet filters applied at work, or how to bypass internet filters by region, especially in internet censorship countries. There are two main services available that can help you unblock internet filters in all these cases – one is a Virtual Private Network (VPN), the other a web proxy (known also as CGI proxy or MySpace proxy).

Access Myspace Login at School or Work

There is one primary obstacle facing those who want to unblock myspace login home page from school or work. Generally computer administrative rights are reserved for IT staff and only they can install new programs on the machines used there. This means you will be unable to download the software that is necessary to run a VPN from a school computer. (However, if for some reason you do have rights to install software on your work or school computer – or you connect to the restricted internet with your own laptop or mobile device – a VPN is certainly a good option for you, and you should read the section below on how to bypass internet filters by country.) Because of this restriction of software installation rights, VPNs are not an option for the large majority of users who seek to bypass myspace login at school or work. A MySpace proxy is the only way forward.

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Written by: 
Robin Welles; expats team, internet security team