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VPN Gratuit Advice: A Definitive List of All VPN Uses


Part II of VPN Gratuit Advice on How to Use a VPN

Unblock Blocked Sites

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  1. Bypass national censorship of the internet. Circumvention is possible with connection to a VPN beyond a restricted or censored zone. To access websites blocked in countries with advanced filtering systems like China, Iran and UAE, you will need a high-grade VPN. Users of VPN gratis services will see most of their IP addresses abused by spammers and hackers, meaning they are quickly discovered and blocked.
    The meilleur VPN solution is to find super VPN services (of course, like that offered by idcloak) which furnish you with an encrypted connection to a private proxy service which hosts a dedicated IP address that can be discretely tunneled through port 443 (over OpenVPN).
  2. Bypass filters at work or school. Local area network censorship (of the kind faced in workplaces and schools) can also be circumvented by any VPN tunnel. Since the user needs full installation privileges on their machine, the popular option is to use one's VPN account over a smartphone or tablet.
  3. Make free VoIP calls – China blocks Skype services, as do many other countries, so that indigenous communications companies can maintain their high pricing. With a VPN service, you can of course unblock Skype in any location and use it as if there were no VoIP restrictions in your area whatever. What's more, the encryption makes discovery of your unblocking extremely unlikely. Using a VPN to make free VoIP calls is even more useful when you do so from your smartphone, as you then get access to free mobile VoIP calls. However, you will need a fast VPN connection with latency of less than 150 ms (milliseconds) to sustain a VoIP call. Without a high speed VPN, your call will break up. VoIP calls will not work reliably with free VPN services. This is due, largely, to the slow user experience caused by the large number of users that utilize the limited resources on any free proxy server.
  4. A fast VPN service acting as a BBC iPlayer proxy is the only means of how to watch BBC iPlayer abroad.
  5. Unblock YouTube in your country when certain videos are not available there. As well as unblocking YouTube site as a whole (if blocked in your country, as happens regularly in some nations) you sometimes need to get around regional restrictions imposed by the video poster, or the site itself. A message The uploader has not made this video available in your country will appear in this case. A fast VPN service is a sure-fire way to unblock Youtube videos not available in your region.
  6. Access different MUBI libraries. The alternative movie VoD site, MUBI, is heavily regionalized with regard to which movies are accessible from which countries. Simply choose a different country from your VPN server list (especially a US VPN service) and you will be amazed how many hidden cinematic gems you can uncover.
  7. Conduct internet market research in other countries. It is often very important to see which adverts appear to users from different geographical regions, which search results rank highly in those places, and what prices are offered. Access a VPN server in a country or state you wish to research and it will be as if you had physically gone there yourself.
  8. Shop around for better prices by IP geolocation: you may already have noticed that depending where you are in the world, most sites offer up different prices. This is due to the site's IP geolocation setup, which is designed to maximize profits by regionalizing pricing. More and more VPN users are learning that they can make significant savings by routing their connection to a different country before purchasing.Buying flights and making hotel reservations are two spheres where significant savings can be made.
  9. Make free mobile calls to the US – some clever users of VPNs have figured out that you may call landlines and mobiles in the US by accessing a US VPN service (like idcloak). There is more than one way to do this, but the easiest is to connect to Google Phone call through your US VPN service. At present, Google Phone Call offers free VoIP calls to all US mobile numbers, something not even Skype allows (unless the receiver is permanently logged on to Skype through an internet connection).
  10. Use your U.S. Credit card online on a foreign vacation – If you use your U.S. credit card online from foreign countries without a paid VPN proxy, chances are high that your online transaction will be declined. Most credit card companies online fraud prevention software will detect that you are using a foreign IP address and automatically deny the transaction. Using a paid private proxy service (especially one with a dedicated IP address) to change your IP address to one in your home country will solve this problem. Do not use open proxies, or free VPN services, as most cyber criminals, hackers and internet scammers have already abused them, causing these proxy IP addresses to be blacklisted.

Part III: Internet Security - How To Use A VPN To Stay Safe Online

Written by: 
Robin Welles; expats team, internet security team