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Web proxy – a free remotely located portal into the internet which you access through a simple website.

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By using a web proxy to change your IP address in this way, it helps you bypass systems censoring the internet and open blocked sites all while remaining anonymous.

But let's face it… users of the web proxy are utterly spoiled. Reading a list of searches made by different proxy services reads like a Christmas list from a technology dreamworld. These free web based proxy servers have an inordinately tough job just unblocking websites and protecting a user's identity, and yet all we can do is demand more! So that you get an idea of what I am talking about, here is a quick list of the kind of expectations proxy users have for what is in nearly all cases an absolutely free service.

I want…

  • …a web proxy to fool advanced web filters at school and unblock MySpace,
  • …a web proxy that can bypass the Great Firewall of China and its 30,000 censorship staff,
  • …a web proxy to make me completely anonymous when browsing, thus protect my identity,
  • …a web proxy that will encrypt all my internet activities when using public WiFi connections,
  • …a web proxy that allows me to watch videos through anonymous surfing,
  • …an undetectable web proxy that cannot be blocked by censors,
  • …a web proxy that works with Facebook and YouTube,
  • …a torrents proxy that is completely anonymous,
  • …a super high bandwidth web proxy,
  • …a free proxy without pop ups.

Hmmmm… I am sorry to say that the web proxy, marvelous as it is, does have its limitations. This article intends to bring a few far-flung fantasies back to earth and explain why it's just wrong to ask for them. In some lucky cases, however, there are indeed free proxy services available online which will make the odd wish come true. The others, though? Not a chance.

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Written by: 
Robin Welles; expats team, internet security team