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If you would like to search Google without leaving your IP address on its records, the below list can help you. Any address will connect you to a public proxy server through which you may access the internet from that location. In doing so, you may browse the net without exhibiting your IP address. The list shows the addresses of high anonymity proxies so it will not be clear to Google or any other site that you are using a proxy. HOWEVER, Google employs numerous additional ways of identifying users, so it is recommended you are careful to also do the following: do not use Google Chrome or a toolbar for your searches; clear your device of browsing history, temporary files and all cookies; activate Private Browsing (and an ad blocker if you have one); lastly, it is of course essential that you do not log in to any Google services on any of your tabs. With these elements in place, it is unlikely Google will match your identity to your searches. For Anonymous Facebook Account Proxies, click here.

If you are new to IP proxy use, please look at the FAQs sectionfor instructions on how to apply a proxy to your browser.


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How to set your browser to use a proxy: