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This list of IP:Port proxies will allow Facebook logon in countries or connections where the social media site is prohibited. Each address is an internet portal to another location. When you enter the addresss and port data of a proxy into your browser, you will then be able to access Facebook as if located there. The proxies in this Free Proxy IP List are low-anonymity to prevent Facebook's security systems from being triggered by a change in IP address. Once you have connected to Facebook, all data you receive will be transfered over a secure connection, since the below proxies have been selected for HTTPS encryption. This security is important for evading detection by the censors, who will close down access to the proxy IP address if they discover what is happening.

There are site-based proxies online, including one on idcloak's site. Unfortunately even the best of them will take you to the mobile version of Facebook, which is missing many of the best features and all the aesthetics of the original.

If you are new to IP proxy use, please look at the FAQs sectionfor instructions on how to apply a proxy to your browser.


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