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idcloak's free proxy IP list offers public web proxies from around the globe. It is the world's largest proxy sites list, constantly updated with the latest fresh proxies. Feel free to send us your new proxies using our contact page. Our IP proxy checker tests each proxy for speed, connection time and anonymity levels. It also validates the proxy protocols for each proxy on the list so you know what to expect before you connect.

Looking for a proxy list by country, by port or the fastest proxy list? Just use the sort menu below to create a custom proxy list to suit your needs. For example, to view only our socks proxy list, check only the socks4 proxy selection in the protocol box below. A list of recently tested socks4 proxy servers will appear in a secondary panel at the bottom of the page. Our realtime proxy tester evaluates http, https, socks5, socks4 proxies and many other unblock proxy sites worldwide.

For the uninitiated, a free proxy server list can be a scary webpage indeed. And even if you are familiar with the free proxy website list, the first look at a proxy IP list will probably leave you baffled. As well as the columns of numbers, there are all the specialist terms and options for filters that generate different kinds of lists. Do you want an elite proxy list or an anonymous web proxy list? Maybe a transparent proxy list or an advanced SOCKS proxy list? Worry not, however, below we shall take a look at the most popular types of public proxy server list, what options they give you and what it all means. You can also compare our list with a ninja proxy list.

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How to set your browser to use a proxy:

Proxy sites list

This is the simplest type of free proxy server list, but also the one most quickly disappearing. A proxy sites list is a collection of links to websites, each of which hosts a proxy service – you have probably seen a proxy site before, they often resemble search engines in appearance. But because these proxy sites are beginning to fall prey to the advanced filtering systems of internet censors, they are now appearing less and less on proxy groups lists (and are being replaced by the IP proxy list, see below). There are of course thousands of proxy sites still around, but these have long been blocked within censorship areas and are now used more as a private browsing proxy page than a tool for bypassing censorship. Consequently proxy sites rarely appear on lists anymore – since the whole purpose of even having a proxy anonymous list or a ninja proxy new to the internet is that it is so fresh that censors have not had time to add it to their blacklists yet. If you do ever come across a 'best proxy sites list', it will generally be an old list of the best long-standing proxy websites for internet security and privacy; users looking for free unblockable web proxies wouldn't even bother trying them, as they would be blocked. (Having said that, I have just come across nine web searches that were recently made for 'free proxy website list unblocked' – so clearly not everyone has gotten a grip on what is going on yet!).

IP proxy list

The IP proxy list is by far the most popular type of free proxy server list online. Because proxy sites take time to set up and are then quickly blocked by the very censors they are developed to foil, it no longer made sense to keep setting up new proxy site domains (which would also cost money). Instead a proxy administrator could simply set up a website and then publish the proxy's IP address and port number in a free anonymous proxy IP list. As long as the IP proxy list is well distributed and continuously updated, the proxy administrator can easily switch proxy IP addresses to help users evade censors, but go through none of the rigmarole of making the necessary amendments to an actual proxy site.

In order to use an IP address proxy list, you simply need to add the proxy's IP address and port to the menu for your browser's connection settings (or network setting as it may be called) – a process which takes all of 10 seconds. Many providers publish browser-specific instructions on the IP proxy list itself, but if you search online, you'll find countless quick tutorials with clear screenshots to take you through the simple steps.

A word of advice: sometimes you may find that the IP addresses in an IP proxy list appear not to have a port number. They show, for example. In fact the port number has just been tagged onto the end of the IP address (after the colon); so in the above example, the would be the IP address, and 8088 the port number.

HTTP proxy list

As well as there being the option of an IP proxy list or proxy sites list, there is also the question of internet protocols. The internet protocol underlying the world wide web is HTTP – and all actions that web servers and browsers take are defined by HTTP commands. Because HTTP is so central to the workings of browsers, a proxy intended to conceal and mask browsers' movements naturally works very well when built upon the same protocol. Therefore the HTTP proxy is the staple of internet based proxy servers and is available both as a proxy site or an IP proxy; and either successfully fulfills the role of masking your IP address so that you can unblock MySpace, Facebook, Youtube or any other site banned in your country. Without encryption, HTTP will expose your data in transit, and is therefore not a recommended protocol for anyone whose priority is to surf web anonymously.

SSL proxy list

HTTP can be encrypted to become HTTPS – and the S is all about security. An SSL freeproxy server list (also referred to as an HTPPS proxy list) works in exactly the same way as HTTP. The added level of encryption, however, makes an HTTPS proxy site additionally much more reliable as a private browsing proxy page. Unlike an HTTP connection, HTTPS will not expose your data while it's being transmitted between you and your proxy, and it is therefore often recommended to those who want to know how to stop identity theft for free. An SSL Proxy list can also offer proxy websites or IP proxies – as either support HTTPS encrypted connections. The only shortcoming of SSL proxies is the fact that they fail to support protocols used by other internet applications like Outlook emails, ICQ chat or Torrents. This means I only choose an SSL proxy list when I am interested in surfing the internet using anonymous proxies, but for all other internet applications I use a different proxy to hide my IP address free of charge (ie. SOCKS proxy). An even better option is to pay to use a good anonymous VPN service – and one that uses OpenVPN encryption for ultimate online privacy. It will automatically encrypt all internet traffic on your computer without having to setup each application separately as you would have to with SOCKS.

SOCKS proxy list

SOCKS is another internet protocol used in the building of web proxies, and is an alternative to HTTP. SOCKS proxies are generally supported by a wider variety of applications such as Outlook mail, MSN chat and torrents, but is still not compatible with iPhones or Android phones. SOCKS can be used with most browsers. The disadvantage of a SOCKS proxy is that each internet application on your computer has to have its own built-in support for SOCKS, and you usually have to configure each one individually in order to use it. There are programs that can overcome this restriction, but you will have to install additional third party software to make SOCKS more run independently. These programs are known as proxifiers and enable non-SOCKS aware internet application to use SOCKS proxies. There are numerous proxifiers one can freely download from the web that can proxify all internet programs on your computer, however recent advances in other systems have made proxifiers obsolete. SOCKS was developed in the 1990's, and as so it is a legacy technology that has been superseded by other more recent VPN developments. As an example of just how far things have come, OpenVPN does not require any built-in application support to run, and it also offers full encryption; something SOCKS on its own does not.

To use a free SOCKS proxy list – if you find one, it will always be in the form of IP addresses and port numbers – exactly like an IP proxy list. Making the connection is done in the same ways as an IP proxy – there is just a different box in the browser settings menu where the SOCKS proxy IP and port number is placed. If you are given the option of a list of proxy servers SOCKS4 or a SOCKS5 proxy list, always select SOCKS5 – it is the updated version and by far the more secure.

Proxy list automatically IP change – Use Proxy Switcher

When proxy users face an ongoing battle with censors who do their utmost to block access to proxies, it is important for them to be able to quickly change to another IP – and they often do so by using a proxy switcher. When one of their proxies becomes blocked, the computer (or mobile) uses the switcher to help it move to another proxy with minimum interruption. Proxy switchers need a special kind of proxy list in order to work: the proxy list .txt. Their users will regularly have to search for http proxy list text format to update the proxies used by their switcher.

Transparent proxy list

Some HTTP proxy lists refer to proxies by their anonymity level. The transparent proxy, also known as a Grade 5 proxy, offers the lowest level of anonymity of any web proxy – in fact it is not really anonymous at all. It does supplant your IP address for one of its own, but all requests you make through the server still contain your IP address, which means visited sites can view it with ease. If you are trying to unblock websites at school or work, however, often a transparent proxy is all you need – concealing your IP address is not the issue, after all; you just need to step outside the local filters that block access to certain sites. The advantage of using a transparent proxy is that they are usually extremely fast – simply by virtue of the fact no one else uses them!

Anonymous proxy list

An anonymous proxy list a.k.a. high anonymity proxy list is the most common level of HTTP proxy list and most are of this category unless they state otherwise. Some proxy sites have developed grading systems to show the level of identity protection a proxy offers – in a 5-grade system, the anonymous proxy is grade 3 or 4. What this means is that an anonymous proxy does not reveal your IP address to any site you visit, which leaves you fully free to conduct 'anonymous internet surfing', whether that means computer hacking prevention, or enjoying the knowledge of how to unblock on Facebook in China. The only problem you may face is when websites are set up to detect and block any visitors coming in with a proxy – Hulu and Netflix, for example. Anonymous proxies (with anonymity grade 3 or 4) cannot hide the fact you are using a proxy service, as certain variables they use give away your proxy use. In such cases, a site may not know who you are or where you are from, but they will refuse to let you in while you are hiding behind a proxy. Fortunately, rejections like this don't happen too often because there are many legitimate uses for proxies, and most sites care little whether you come in through one or not. Film and music sites, being bound by geographical media distribution agreements, are the most likely form of site to create problems.

Elite proxy list

Elite proxies are the pièce de résistance of the anonymous proxy world. Known also as Grade 4 or 5 proxies, or high anonymous proxies, they generally run off HTTPS protocol, and do not only conceal your IP address, but are carefully built so that sites you visit have no idea you are even using a proxy. Elite proxies would also be called upon for more dangerous proxy exploits, and might be the first choice for God-fearing individuals who want to guarantee online safety while they unblock websites in Afghanistan, for example (unless they had the money to pay for a VPN SSL proxy server, that is). The major downside of elite proxies is their popularity, as that is the root cause of their disability – being so popular often makes them very slow. For this reason, it is advised that you only use an elite proxy list if you need that level of online safety.

In case you are wondering, you will not find a SOCKS proxy list classified with grades or as Anonymous or Elite proxies – this nomenclature is reserved for the HTTP proxy list. The SOCKS proxy works differently but offers the same level of anonymity protection as an elite proxy.

SMTP proxy list

As a last note, you may come across an SMTP proxy list online and wonder where it fits into all of the above. Don't. An SMTP proxy list is just a type of mail transfer agent – one used to manage and secure the flow of emails going in and out of a local network (ie. corporate). It is not a new anonymous proxy surfing technology and so has nothing whatever to do with how to unblock websites in Saudi or surfing the net anonymously. If your question is How can I hide my IP address? – your answer lies with one of the other types of free anonymous proxy list mentioned above, not with an SMTP proxy list.

Proxy list FAQs

How to use a proxy from an IP address proxy list?

Copy the proxy IP address and port number, and paste it into your browser's network settings as follows:

In Firefox: Options >> Advanced >> Settings >> Manual proxy configuration.

In Internet Explorer: Tools >> Internet Options >> Connections >> LAN settings >> Use a proxy server for your LAN >> Advanced.

In Opera: Tools >> Preferences >> Advanced >> Network.

In Chrome: Options >> Under the hood >> Network >> Change proxy settings >> LAN settings >> Use a proxy server >> Advanced.

How to stop the page from updating the list with new results coming from IP proxy checker?

Click on "Stop live updates"; this will hold the current list in place.

What do the anonymity levels mean and why are they important?

Low = transparent proxy. This type of proxy is the fastest but your IP address will be visible to any site you visit. Transparent proxies may suffice for bypassing blocked sites.

Medium = anonymous proxy. Your IP address will be hidden from destination sites but you may still reveal that you are using a proxy service.

High = highly anonymous proxy. Your IP address will be hidden from headers, and destination sites will not be able to see that you are using a proxy.

See our Anonymity Check page for more information on different levels of proxy anonymity.

What countries are A1, A2 and O1?

"A1 Proxy" denotes the proxy IP address is identified by Maxmind Geolocation IP database to be a proxy.

"A2 Proxy" means the proxy IP is hosted by a satellite ISP.

"O1 Proxy" indicates the proxy IP originates from an unknown country.