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The idcloak Google proxy list contains IP addresses of free proxies that are ideal for unblocking censored sites and services such as Google, Facebook and Twitter. Simply add the IP and port number to the network settings of your browser (instructions can be found here) and your internet will be rerouted to that connection. For bypassing local censorship in your country or work place, it is recommended you first try low anonymity HTTP proxies as they are the fastest type available and suit most censorship circumvention situations. If you face high-grade content filters, you may need to use HTTPS proxies to encrypt your data transfer and conceal your unblocking activity. Of course, make sure you choose a proxy country location that is outside the censored zone but not so far that your connection must travel unnecessary distances. You may filter our extensive database of proxies for any of the above criteria quickly and easily simply by using the selection menu embedded above the idcloak proxy list. Once proxy filter parameters are set in this menu and you have clicked to "Show seletected proxies", the custom list will be displayed at the bottom of the page.


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