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The idcloak Free Proxy IP Address List offers free, public portals to internet access in different countries around the globe. To connect to a proxy server, you should first select one that suits your purposes: if you need an encrypted connection to the proxy server, choose HTTPS; if you want all sites you visit to believe you are based in the country where the proxy is located, choose high anonymity; if you need to stream bandwidth-heavy video content, you should favour high-speed proxies; if you wish to access Skype anonymously or in a country where it is blocked, choose SOCKS proxies; if you need to access content only available in a certain country, of course you should search for proxies based in that country. The search system below will allow you to find proxies by all these criteria and more. Making it easy to create a Hide IP Proxy list, for example.

Once you have found a proxy you would like to connect to, simply place its IP:Port information into the appropriate internet accessing program - like your browser or Skype - or into your mobile's data network settings.

If you are new to IP proxy use, please look at the FAQs sectionfor instructions on how to apply a proxy to your browser.


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How to set your browser to use a proxy: