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Welcome to the idcloak proxy list, the world's largest online database of public portals to the web in different countries around the world. Unblock videos unavailable in your location, bypass restrictions on your connection or make your browsing anonymous. You may connect to a proxy by adding its IP address and Port number to your browser's advanced network settings (see FAQs below for guidance).

If you would like to see more of our customized proxy lists, please visit our sitemap, where you can choose from a number of preselected ip port proxy lists.

The below list has two sections – upper and lower. The upper section contains a list of proxies most recently checked by our live proxy tester, which works 24/7 to ensure the database is populated only by active, working servers. The information in the upper list is therefore the most up-to-date.

The lower section is for customized lists that you yourself can create. Use the parameters to filter the database according to criteria you set (eg. High anonymity and High Speed). Click "Show selected proxies" to display the custom list in the section below. Please note: customized lists are NOT shown in the upper section of the list.

Here are some ready-made custom lists: freeproxy, free proxy servers list, youtube unblock proxy and our free proxy IP list.

Update timeCountryConnection SpeedSpeedAnonymityProtocolPortIP Address
1m 47sID 
1m 56sIR 
2m 37sIR 
2m 59sCL 
3m 3sBR 
3m 11sID 
3m 54sRU 
4m 44sID 
5m 35sTW 
5m 35sNL 
7m 3sUA 
9m 29sBG 
9m 32sIT 
9m 41sRS 
10m 7sIQ 
10m 15sID 
11m 59sHU 
12m 31sSE 
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Proxy list FAQs

How to use a proxy from an IP address proxy list?

Copy the proxy IP address and port number, and paste it into your browser's network settings as follows:

In Firefox: Options >> Advanced >> Settings >> Manual proxy configuration.

In Internet Explorer: Tools >> Internet Options >> Connections >> LAN settings >> Use a proxy server for your LAN >> Advanced.

In Opera: Tools >> Preferences >> Advanced >> Network.

In Chrome: Options >> Under the hood >> Network >> Change proxy settings >> LAN settings >> Use a proxy server >> Advanced.

In Android: Use with Opera Classic. Type opera:config in the web address section. Scroll down to Proxy >> In HTTP Server, enter the proxy IP address, followed by colon (:) and then the port number (eg. >> scroll down and activate Use HTTP check box >> Save >> close and restart Opera Classic. For HTTPS proxies: do the same but use the associate HTTPS fields in the Proxy menu.

How to stop the page from updating the list with new results coming from IP proxy checker?

Click on "Stop live updates" button; this will hold the current list in place.

What do the anonymity levels mean and why are they important?

Low = transparent proxy. This type of proxy is the fastest but your IP address will be visible to any site you visit. Transparent proxies may suffice for bypassing blocked sites.

Medium = anonymous proxy. Your IP address will be hidden from destination sites but you may still reveal that you are using a proxy service.

High = highly anonymous proxy. Your IP address will be hidden from headers, and destination sites will not be able to see that you are using a proxy.

See our Anonymity Check page for more information on different levels of proxy anonymity.

What countries are A1, A2 and O1?

"A1 Proxy" denotes the proxy IP address is identified by Maxmind Geolocation IP database to be a proxy.

"A2 Proxy" means the proxy IP is hosted by a satellite ISP.

"O1 Proxy" indicates the proxy IP originates from an unknown country.