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SOCKS proxies in idcloak's SOCKS Proxy List are continuously evaluated for their functionality, reliability and speed. You can specify the proxy list to retrieve SOCKS proxies based other criteria: country, speed, anonymity levels. For example, to specify the SOCKS proxies based on connection speed, simply select the "high connection speed" checkbox and a SOCKS proxy list with only high connection speed SOCKS proxies matching your selection criteria will be displayed. We add fresh proxies to our SOCKS proxy sites database daily. Most firewall and internet censoring systems are not yet aware of these new proxies, and hence they are not blocked by them. SOCKS proxies allow you to circumvent internet censorship, unblock websites and surf anonymously. However, they have two main disadvantages:

  1. SOCKS proxies do not encrypt the communication between the SOCKS client and the SOCKS proxy server.
  2. The internet application you use on your client computer must support the SOCKS protocol in order for it to use a SOCKS proxy server.

If online privacy is important to you or if you are running an application that does not support the SOCKS protocol, then perhaps you should consider using a VPN. A VPN can encrypt all communication between all application running on your client computer and the VPN proxy server.


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