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This idcloak Twitter Proxy list has been specially sorted for unblocking Twitter when the social media site is censored by content filters on your internet connection. This censorship may be at the local level (e.g. a company internet connection) or on the national (if Twitter is banned in your country). Whichever censorship issue you face, the below proxies will circumvent the block and give you full access to the site or tweets you are interested in. The proxies shown are for low-anonymity to improve performance and HTTPS to make your unblocking discrete. If you wish to access different kinds of proxies or to further narrow down your search, simply use the below selection menu below to choose from our proxy database under different criteria. For best speeds, it is recommended you select proxies based near your actual location, but ones that are of course located outside the limits of the offending censorship. In some cases, certain Twitter posts or profiles are blocked in your country even though the site as a whole is operational there - in this kind of censorship situation, you will need to use anonymous proxies and not those shown below. To bring up anonymous proxies, go to the Proxy Selection menu and, in the Anonymity section, additionally check the Medium tick box.


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