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Use UK proxies to access UK-only sites and services. The open proxies in the below UK Proxy Server list are chosen based on the IP location data of the public proxies located in the U.K. Each IP address is confirmed to be physically located in Great Britain by its GeoLocation data. UK public proxies are generally quite hard to source. We suspect this may be due to the copyright laws in Great Britain being more strictly enforced than in other countries. Any UK IP address that is seen to be used for pirating is investigated. These investigations sometimes result in an open proxy being taken down, often through no fault of the provider. UK Pirate Party's proxy is a recent example of a proxy takedown by the authorities. Most open public proxies in UK do not stay operational for very long. We test our UK proxies continuously to ensure the proxies listed are still operational. You can further narrow down the pre-selected British proxies by using the self-explanatory proxy selection control below. For example, checking only the "SOCK4" proxy box will narrow down the list so that it only displays SOCKS4 proxies from the UK. Increasing the number of selection rules in this way will of course result in a smaller list, but our public UK proxy list database is large enough to supply a quantity of British proxies to choose from, no matter how restrictive your proxy selection criterion may be. We sincerely hope that our UK proxy server list will contribute to the circumvention of internet censorship everywhere. You may visit our other proxy list, which will show you US proxy servers with which you can unblock websites restricted for US geolocation and youtube unblock proxy. Also try our UK VPN.


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