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The idcloak proxy list below will introduce you to the concept and benefits of proxy surfing. What is a Proxy Definition. It is a remote computer which allows you to access the internet as if based in that location; some might call it an internet bypass point or buffer computer. However you look at it, when you access a free proxy (by putting its IP address into the network settings of your browser - see FAQs), you open up all kinds of opportunities. The most popular uses for a proxy are as follows:

  1. bypassing censorship: if a site is blocked at work or in your country, you may ask the proxy computer to access it for you.
  2. bypassing georestrictions: if the site itself won't let you view content because of your location (as often happens with videos on YouTube), the proxy can make you appear to be located elsewhere.
  3. encrypt your internet activity: if you are worried about local or government surveillance of your activity online, some proxies encrypt all traffic between you and their server.
  4. surf discretely: if you want to erase all record of where you go online, Private Browsing (or Incognito Mode on Chrome) will do that on your computer, but you need a proxy to avoid leaving digital footprints behind on the sites you visit.

All these applications work best when you select proxies according to certain criteria. The proxy selection menu below allows you to do this, while our Knowledge Centre holds numerous articles that may educate you on the kind of criteria that will suit your needs.

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How to set your browser to use a proxy: