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What is a VPN?

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a way of connecting to the internet securely and privately. Send your internet activity through an encrypted tunnel to a country you choose and access the internet as if physically based there. Your ISP (Internet Service Provider) and government will have no knowledge of your online activity and sites will not know who or where you really are.

The idcloak service operates through simple-to-use software which manages your connections to our Global Privacy Network behind the scenes so your web experience stays the same.

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Who uses idcloak VPN?

VPN technology has many applications. By investing in a standard idcloak subscription, you have full access to all of the following benefits.

Restricted surfer:

Bypass web regionalization.

Sites may discriminate against you according to your location. Reroute your internet to a different country for new privileges.

Unblock sites at work or university.

Any local blocks on sites and services are secretly bypassed through an idcloak VPN.

Bypass restrictions in internet censorship countries.

Connect to a VPN server in another country for full access to any site or service normally blocked in your location. VPN encryption will ensure your unblocking goes unnoticed.

Unblock YouTube videos unavailable in your country.

Country-based restrictions on YouTube can be circumvented if you access a VPN server in a country like the US where the videos are available.

Security mogul:

Secure public WiFi access.

Using public WiFi can result in malware infection, identity theft and hacked accounts. Smartphone apps like Faceniff allow unskilled snoops to break into your web accounts on any public WiFi connection. OpenVPN stops these attacks dead.

Prevent targeted hacking.

When hackers target you for attack, they first need to find you online through your IP address. With an idcloak VPN, you can switch IP location and make detection almost impossible.

Hide your physical location.

IP tracking regularly leads to theft and burglary in the real world. Hide your movements with an idcloak VPN so thieves cannot see where you areā€¦ and where you are not.

Improved file transfer security.

Your privacy during data transfer to and from the cloud depends on the security of your cloud provider. Use the idcloak VPN to make sure important data is not sniffed en route.

Online shopper:

Access foreign prices online.

Shop around for lower prices in different countries. Make significant savings on software, online services and holiday bookings.

Extra security during transactions.

Secure the transfer of important data with a second layer of encryption: preventing man-in-the-middle hack attacks and subsequent fraud.

Prevent cyber thieves from targeting your wealth.

Cyber thieves monitor websites associated with luxury lifestyles. Visit these sites anonymously with an idcloak VPN so they cannot target you for fraud.

Privacy defender:

Stop corporate tracking.

Advertising syndicates will have a hard time researching your movements online if your IP address is hidden with an idcloak VPN and you manage the privacy of your browser.

Keep cyberstalkers at bay.

Cyberstalkers may use IP tracing to locate you in the real world. Connect to the internet through a VPN and they will not find you.

Stay private from your ISP.

With an idcloak VPN, your Internet Service Provider will only see that you visit our servers; they cannot know where you go online or what you do.

Protect against government surveillance.

Traffic between your device and the VPN server is immune to government taps: OpenVPN protocol has never been cracked. For optimum safety, connect to VPN servers in countries where your government has minimal jurisdiction.

Remove digital trail when surfing or downloading.

The private browsing function on your browser hides your web activity from other users of your machine. The idcloak VPN hides it from websites themselves.

The foreigner abroad:

Restore home language and settings.

Automatically restore your internet to how it was back home, including language, search results, ads and access privileges.

Appear to still be based at home.

Display an IP address from your home country in your email headers, instant messages and online posts. It will seem like you never left.

Access home-only sites and services.

Access your favorite content back home even when it is not normally available from abroad. Just make sure the unblocking is permitted.

Global Business:

Protect against industrial espionage.

idcloak VPN encryption protects data during transfer. The VPN's IP anonymity also protects against direct hacks and waterholing attacks.

Research adverts by country.

Study foreign advertising culture. Verify that your foreign advertising investments have been delivered as intended.

SEO and SEM research by location.

Use a VPN to see where your content ranks in search results from foreign countries. Just because you rank highly in your own country does not mean you rank highly in the next.

Stamp all communication with the city and country of your choice.

Conduct business from any country in the world while choosing where you appear to be located.


Why idcloak?

Easy VPN setup and use

Step by step instructions on safe download, installation and setup, with customer support at the ready should you need it. Intuitive software practically sets itself up.

Intuitive Map-based software

Attractive, user-serving software with searchable map permits easy server switching. VPN exceptions menu allows direct connection to selected sites without VPN rerouting.

High-speed unlimited download

Load-balancing always connects you to the fastest server in any data center. Speed ping tests to different server locations. Unlimited download plan for data-heavy tasks.

Privacy switching

Automatic switching between proxy locations at time intervals you set. Geographically distribute your internet entry-points to evade web tracking.

Data protection

OpenVPN with 128-bit Blowfish encryption. Automatic kill-switch cuts internet in the event VPN connection is lost, preventing unprotected web access.

Close customer support

Live chat support; optional remote maintenance; a forum community for peer advice and over 900 educational articles in the idcloak Knowledge Center.

No IP logs

idcloak is registered in the US because, unlike Europe, American law does not require VPN providers to keep IP logs.



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