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Service FeaturesWhat this means
OpenVPN protocolOpenVPN delivers highly dependable encryption which protects the user from WiFi sniffing (e.g. Faceniff) and government surveillance. It also is ideal for bypassing censorship content filters.
TCP Port 443Port 443 allows your traffic to blend in with normal HTTPS browser traffic, traversing any network firewall and unblocking censorship.
Blowfish 128bit EncryptionExcellent balance between high speed and security.
Auto switchingAllows you to switch IP address at regular intervals, either globally or nationally. Switching undermines efforts to track your activity online and helps protect against consumer profiling.
Load balancingWhen you choose a data center, you are automatically connected to the most unburdened server for fastest speeds.
Unlimited downloadsPerfect for regular VPN use on sites and services with media-heavy content.
Split-tunnelingYou may separate your internet activity while running the idcloak VPN: for some sites and services you can elect to go through a VPN server; while others you visit directly, bypassing the VPN. Management of split-tunneling is carried out through VPN Exceptions in the idcloak software. For advice on the uses of split-tunneling, see the FAQs entry on split-tunneling.
SMTP Email BypassFor local email programs operating on your machine (not webmail), you may elect to channel your email communication directly to the email servers. To better understand this issue and your options, see the FAQs entry on managing local email with an idcloak VPN.

Software FeaturesWhat this means
Installation & setup walk-throughUser requires no special knowledge to install and set up the software and connection.
User-controlled updaterThe software informs you that an update is available but it is up to you to accept it. You are in this way protected against server-based malware attacks.
Stop DNS LeakageOur client software is specially developed to enhance your privacy by preventing DNS Leakage of your web activity.
VPN exceptionsYou may add which sites or IP addresses you wish to access directly rather than through your VPN. Ebay and PayPal do not permit their customers to employ VPNs. It is recommended these sites be added to your VPN exception list.
Map-based server choice and switchingAn interactive map allows you to quickly navigate and connect to a server country and location anywhere in the world.
Detect the fastest serverUse the software to check the speed between the VPN servers and your device to find the fastest VPN server. This helps bypass internet congestion.
Data center search and sort functionFor quick access to a specific city or country.
Auto-connect optionsFor ease of use, you may choose for your VPN to run and/or connect automatically on startup.

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