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How A Web Proxy Works?

When you enter a website address into the above field, you connect to the site through one of our remote proxy servers. Your browsing then becomes fully anonymous: the sites you visit will not see your actual IP address and you will appear to be accessing the internet from a new location. Go to 'More Options' to choose which country you would like to appear to be from; and see below for interesting and useful applications for this technology.

Using Web Proxy
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Without Web Proxy
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Why connect through a proxy?

Guard your privacy, identity and location:

Your IP address shows the city or town in which you are based; even your actual address. It also helps third parties identify you online and track your web activity. When using our web proxy, your IP address is replaced by one from our servers so you appear to be located where the server is located.

Access blocked sites:

If your connection is censored and you cannot open certain sites, a web proxy will bypass the block and restore unrestricted access to your connection. Tick SSL to activate encryption and make your unblocking more discrete.

Restore your browser and search engine to your native language:

When living or traveling abroad, popular websites and search engines are displayed in local languages. Use our web proxy to connect to a server in your home country and restore your internet to how it was before you left. Proxy countries are listed in the More Options. If your home country is not shown, use an IP proxy from our proxy list.

Watch videos not available in your region:

Some content on popular video sites may not be available to watch in your country. With a web proxy you can reroute your internet connection to a place in the world where the content is available. You can select a proxy server country by clicking More Options: a US proxy will usually give you access to the widest range of media.

Encrypt your browsing:

Not all sites offer HTTPS encryption, leaving your data vulnerable to snoops, thieves and hackers. Use our proxy with SSL activated and you will encrypt all browser activity. This is extremely useful if you are accessing the internet over untrusted public WiFi networks.